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5The Syma X5C Quadcopter is an amazing machine! It is incredibly agile and very fast 
By Ola Bola 
The Syma X5C Quadcopter is an amazing machine!
It is incredibly agile and very fast.I
I received this wonderful machine on 08/04/14 and have been flying it
every day since the arrival. Great machine !
I have 6 different copters and this one is best of all of them.Syma X5C Quadcopter with Gyro and Camera
The video is crispy clear and you can read the manual instruction if you
hold it up while flying the craft.
The propellers are very sturdy and at the same time light weight.
And props guards are added safety that protect them from crash.
The only minus is the instruction manual was written in Chinese.
I have written several e-mails to seller and Amazon without any response
to send me an English version of the instruction.
If you are a Beginner, it will be tough and you have to find
somebody to translate Chinese to English to be able to know
the function of the Transmitter.
I cannot determine which of the buttons on the Transmitter will turn OFF LED lights
on the copter to extend the life of the battery. The battery last for only about 4 to 5 minutes
with LED lights on.
But overall, I rate the Syma X5C as EXCELLENT !
Go ahead and buy one today, and you will not regret.
But tell them you want English Manual Instruction or whatever your language is.


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4Syma X5C vs WLToys V959 vs Hubsan X4 H107C 

Syma X5C Quadcopter with Gyro and Camera
By C. Schmidt 
I really wanted a quadcopter, and it started last Christmas when I was gifted a WLToys V959. Lots of play later, and I was hankering for another one. On a whim, I picked his this Syma X5C as well as a Hubsan X4 H107C. My review is the V959 is long done, so this one is being written for the X5C as well as the X4.
In terms of size, the Syma is the largest of the three, but not by much compared to the V959. The X4 is way small, palm of your hand size. Of the three, the X4 is the most solid feeling, solid like a HotWheels car, while the X5C feel very cheap and flimsy. All three sport a camera, at about the same MP rating. They don't all work the same though. The V959 has the best image, but is a bit jumpy. It's angle is adjustable from full forward to full downward. The X5C can't seem to focus properly in the mid range, but does ok close up and far away. Fast movement often causes a blur, and the camera is forever mounted at a downward tilt. The X4's camera is a let down, honestly. Fixed full forward, it gets good image, but skips a lots of frames. No sound either, but then again, all one hears is the whine of the motors on the other two, so not a huge lose. Of the three, only the, V959 is a 4 axis, the other two having 6. The extra two axis increase the stability in flight, and truly, it's noticeable, especially in a breeze. That puts the X4 and X5C above the V959 in terms of easy of flying, but really, I'd only fly the X4 inside. It's small size and precise control make the ideal model for this. For what it's worth, I bought a V959 for my tween, and he had zero issues getting it up and flying the first try, and was better at it than I was even with months of practice.

All three came with a controller of their very own. Easily, the controller for the V959 is the best. Every function is laid out for easy access. Doing flips and rolls is simple. The special buttons on the shoulders are used for tricks (barrel rolls an flips), as well as the V959's other optional attachments that swap in place of the camera. The X4's controller took more more simplistic and elegant route. Some functions are buried a bit, but once you get used to it, they are easy enough to find. Still working on getting it to flip and roll. Bummer that it doesn't turn on the video recording or actuate picture taking like the other two. The Syma controller is...yuck. It tries very hard to be as cool as the V959, but it's not even close. It looks and feels cheap. None of the buttons that flank the screen do anything, and in fact aren't even buttons - they just look like it. My unit came with an all Chinese manual, so I could be mistaken, but it doesn't appear that the X5C can flip or roll with the camera connected, the controller can't handle it. Battery life goes to the V959, but by a small margin, maybe 2 minutes. So, you're looking at 7-9min each. The more you do, the harder you work the copter, the less time the battery lasts. The X4 and X5C use the same battery, which is helpful for me, as I can swap in one of the five spares I bought for them. Getting batteries in and out, the X4 is the easiest, followed by the X5C and then the V959.

Each of these is unique in their own little ways. The X4 sounds like a mad mosquito, and looks like one as it darts around. In high performance mode, it can really haul a$$. The X5C comes with blade guards, which give it's sound a thud-thud-thud undertone when in flight, like a real helicopter. With the guards off, this tone is mostly gone. On the bottom of the X5C, there are colored lights on each arm, large enough to make it easy to see for night flying. Big as it is, it's quieter than the V959. The V959, the oldest of the three, has the ability to swap in other attachments instead of the camera. A crane, a bubble blower, a squirt gun, and a couple others. I have the squirt gun, and it's fun to play around with.

I haven't crashed the X4 or X5C nearly as hard as I have the V959, be that because I'm a better pilot now or because they are more stable I don't know. Those two have only bumped into trees and the ground from a few feet up. The V959 however has hit the ground full throttle more than once, as well as free fallen from its maximum height. To date, I've had to replace two of the shafts that hold the motors, which requires some soldering. Don't worry, full assemblies of the shafts with props are available, but since I know how to solder, I took the cheaper route ($1.50 vs $12). Within a few crashes, all four of the LED lights that were hot glued (??) to the shell had popped loose and I haven't bothered putting them back in. Parts for the V959 are easy to come by, no matter which part it is. The X4 and X5C however don't appear at this time to have much other than the common parts such as props and shells.

If I had to suggest one for a kid, I'd probably suggest the X4. While I like all three, the X4 seems far more solid. The V959 would be next, because I know it can take a beating and be repaired easily cheaply.

Syma X5C Quadcopter with Gyro and Camera

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