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Welcome to the Video Drone Zone

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* Featured Quadcopter VideoDrone *

Syma X5C Quadcopter with Gyro and Camera

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Hello, Here you can find some great information about:

 Low Cost Drone Quadcopter Helicopters that can take video and still camera shots.

This website is dedicated to low cost entry cost entry level but fully functional VideoDrones.

I'm so excited to have you come to my website to find out a little about the new and exciting hobby of Drone aerial video photography.

 I can tell you I after more than 50 years of being a model airplane enthusiast, I have never in all those years seen

something as easy to acquire and  easy to get into the air as these models! It's truly unbelievable!

I only have a very few models listed on these pages, but the reason I do this is to get the most bang for the buck into the hands of my site visitors.

Maybe if you are just in a hurry and want to get a toy for yourself of your child of friend simply click on one of the photo links

or click on this: "Where To Buy" or at the top of every page on this site link at the top of the page

I can remember back to the first thing that you could do Arial photography was the early rockets that shot a couple of frames of film.

But now with the advent of micro SD card video anybody can have the coolest model never even dreamed of back when I was A kid.

I made my first video Drone maybe ten years ago with a VHS recorder linked via a wireless video camera hooked

 to a radio controlled electric foam wing flyer, I will get some photos of that one up soon!

Please take a few minutes and look thru these pages, and feel free to "Contact Us" if you have any questions or suggestions for me!

my best wishes to you, Robbie

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